2019 Gump Cup schedule

The VFDHC is hosting the annual Ranny “Gump” MacDonald Monday Morning Hockey Championships on April 1st, 2019 at GPF Delta.

Games start at 8:30 am and run until the final at 2:30pm.

Click for full game schedule : Gump Schedule 2019

We invite all members active and retired of Local 18 to come and watch if you are not already participating. Good luck to all teams!

2019 King of the Rink 4-4 Tournament

King of the Rink 4 vs 4 Tournament

Friday March 1st D shift day/C shift night

Payment is $40 to the hockey clubs account through the credit union starting February 1st to February 22nd

Below are team managers.

We are still looking for ONE manager for the B division. Any questions please contact Mark Whincup 604-838-9166 4C

A Div

Keith Stewart, Jay Lynch, Taylor Lamb, Ben Christopherson

B Div

Bob Anderson, Trevor Felts, Scott Ralph,

C Div

Sandy MacPherson, John Waite, Ryan Torstveit, Friso Waasnnar

Click here for poster: VFD 4 on 4 Challenge (2019) with watermark




VFDHC is proud to host the annual Christmas Tournament. Open to all levels A, B , C & D!

When : Dec 6 & 7

Where : Planet Ice Delta (GPF)

How much? : $50 per VFDHC member

How to I play? : Go to the VFFCU website and transfer $50 to the hockey club account here https://www.vfcu-ibank.com/login.html

I need more info : Contact Travis Hooper 15A 6046161283 or Jay Lynch 22A 7788471435

Have fun and good luck!!




Registration for the 2018/19 Monday Morning Hockey season is now open!

Registration Instructions:

  1. Log into crun account
  2. go to “Transfer Money” left side
  3. go to “Between Accounts
  4. go to “Accounts
  5. Select VF Hockey Club
  6. go to “Sub Accounts” select Plan 24 VF Hockey Club
  7. Transfer:
    $300 player
    $100 Goalie
    $50 spare Goalie
  8. Memo (optional) put your name & shift
    Example : Craig Brodziak D
  9. Click “Confirm

Please click here for the VFF Credit Union

If you have any difficulty, contact a member of the exec immediately!  Deadline is Sept 14th